Searching for Sanctuary: Borders, Migration & Human Rights will bring students and faculty from four different courses together for cross-disciplinary conversations through a speaker and dinner series taking place in Spring 2018. This cross-course programming exploring the theme of migration will culminate in a one-day symposium on May 5, 2018 that will feature student work alongside that of scholars, activists, artists, and community members.


Participating Courses

The four courses participating in Searching for Sanctuary contend with the topic of migration from complementary points of view. By collaborating on a series over the course of the semester, we hope that students in each course gain a broader understanding of the issue from a liberal arts perspective.  

  • EDUC 153: Latinos and Education (Allard) looks at the unique challenges society faces to educate the LatinX community, particularly in a climate of Xenophobic and Hispanophobic political rhetoric and increasingly restrictive immigration policies from the current administration.
  • ENGL 084: Human Rights and Literature (Patnaik) asks how literature can help us to imagine the rights-bearing human in an age of mass migrations, privatized militaries, global flows of capital, climate crises, and the world wide web.  
  • PEAC 094: Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary (Seiden and Price) students will conduct primary and secondary research related to the question: how might sharing personal experiences through the process of making art about migration, displacement or refuge increase our senses of belonging?
  • POLS 031: Borders and Migration (Balkan) explores different regimes of immigrant integration, incorporation, and assimilation as well as debates over citizenship, social membership, and the politics of belonging.